"And what is as important as knowledge?” asked the mind. “Caring & seeing with the heart”, said the soul.
Intergenerational Healing
Mother, Heal My Self is a stirring account of how ceremonies of the Lakota Sioux tribe helped a nursing leader’s daughter heal (as well as herSelf) after Western medicine had failed. More than an autobiography, Mother, Heal My Self is a deep exploration of intergenerational healing.

A vital part of healing, not just recovery, is inviting people to reflect back to their family of origin. The book offers an opportunity for the reader to reflect on issues such as: Who are the significant people in your life journey? What are the stories passed from one generation to another about health related issues? What are the illness/wellness themes that replay themselves from one generation to another?

Helping people become aware of intergenerational patterns and latent assumptions about their health gives them permission to consciously choose to repeat or transcend them. Discovering and cherishing the meaning in an illness event is the healing, whether we move to wellness or a peaceful death.