"And what is as important as knowledge?” asked the mind. “Caring & seeing with the heart”, said the soul.
Death by Completion
As Baby Boomers are emerging in large numbers into society, preparing for their own passing is as important a developmental task as planning for retirement. Many books about death and dying suggest that death is a passive experience one awaits and surrenders to. This book is a self-help ‘how to’ plan to orchestrate and engage in a very lively and celebratory experience with everyone and everything important to one’s life, both during an active and healthy life, as well as during the dying process. It’s a blueprint for purposefully approaching the end of life as the ultimate opportunity to bring meaningful closure for everyone involved.

“Death By Completion: A Guide to Conscious Dying” offers insights from the life and death of JoEllen’s mother, Florence Caroline Goertz, to demonstrate how readers can choose a dignified, peaceful transition at the end of life.

Born in 1920, Goertz spent the entirety of her 90 years in a small rural South Dakota community. As it became clear that her life was entering its final phase, Goertz faced her final challenge with a delight and determination that moved her to death in just 25 days, concluding the night before she had scheduled herself to enter a nursing home for care. By practicing what Koerner describes as the principles of conscious dying, Goertz enjoyed bringing completion to her life and a deep sense of peace to her family. The book offers guidance and commentary on conscious dying from the perspective of hope, joy and a sense of celebration flowing from the resiliency and creativity of the human spirit.