"And what is as important as knowledge?” asked the mind. “Caring & seeing with the heart”, said the soul.
About Us
JoEllen and Kristi grew up among the Lakota Sioux, who had been helpful to generations of JoEllen’s Mennonite family. When she served as Nursing Vice President at Sioux Valley Hospital she helped establish a program that brought Lakota healing traditions into a modern hospital setting. Her friendship with Wanigi Waci remained through the years as she moved to other work.

Sometime later, her daughter Kristi became pregnant with multiple complications. During a critical moment Wanigi Waci called to offer the help and healing of his people. A family history of death and serious illness surrounding childbirth prompted her to incorporate nontraditional healing methods into her daughters care to prevent her from suffering a similar fate. The Lakota community helped Kristi choose life, healing not only her own body but addressing the five-generational lineage of maternal ancestors who had also struggled in childbirth. Intergenerational issues were understood and overcome through the power of love, forgiveness and hope. Both mother and daughter emerged from the experience appreciating how profoundly intergenerational issues impact our lives, and how deeply people hold the power to heal themselves.

Twelve years later, as JoEllens’ mother, Florence—who was part of the intergenerational saga—faced death, the intergenerational healing experienced during Kristi’s illness was rewarded. By incorporating holistic principles of conscious dying, Florence passed with joy and dignity within 25 days, bypassing life in an institutional setting.

This profound experience shifted their life and work focus to the intention of helping others understand the importance of intergenerational issues within a family ‘story’. They also are committed to supporting people in living and dying with a deeper sense of self-mastery and celebration over the extra-ordinary journey of a life well lived.

Dr. JoEllen Goertz Koerner is a health care professional and entrepreneur. Her professional nursing career spanned a variety of roles and healthcare environments including hospitals, healthcare systems, ambulatory and home care. She served as President of the American Organization of Nurse Executives, receiving their Lifetime Achievement Award for Patient Care Education & Research. While her initial career efforts focused on nursing education and service in corporate health systems, her mid-career focus shifted to virtual education & workforce development for underrepresented sectors of society. Dr. Koerner later pursued entrepreneurial ventures focused on digital teaching tools and strategies designed to empower individuals to manage their own health using holistic principles.

Kristi Welch has many years of executive-level experience in project management, with an extensive background in the telecommunications and banking industries. She began her career in the junior executive program with MCI Telecommunication, excelling in the research and development of Multi-media services. Next, Kristi received a scholarship from the BOSCH International Corporation, in Stuttgart Germany, analyzing consumer trends and introducing new marketing strategies. Then Kristi lent her extensive project management and leadership experience to clients in a consultative role as Senior Partner in Interactive Think, an internet-based communications company. Her current efforts focus on designing and supporting web-hosted products intended to enhance the health of children, families and the corporate workplace.