"And what is as important as knowledge?” asked the mind. “Caring & seeing with the heart”, said the soul.
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Olli Gut Class Presentation
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Your life is a work-in-progress! With imagination, courage and skill, you have created a work of art—a picture not yet completed. The relationships established, decisions made, opportunities realized, disappointments and regrets acquired, and heath-illness patterns your life has posed have all merged into a picture of you—your life on the big screen!

This site is dedicated to helping you explore and celebrate the meaning of a life well-lived. It invites you to examine issues from your family-of-origin that influence your beliefs and expectations. It provides a blueprint for living life consciously and planning a death ‘by completion’, leaving nothing undone, and closure for everyone important to you. It offers a place for you to play with possibilities & design opportunities to enrich your life, as well as those of the people you love.